What is Talking Bubble?

Talking Bubble is a UK-wide project which aims to provide over-the-phone befriending service to individuals who need social support.

Most of us feel lonely from time to time. Still, some of us are at a greater risk as other factors contribute to this crippling feeling such as old age, social anxiety, living alone, being unemployed or having caring responsibilities, being from minority backgrounds, moving to another country & not knowing the language as a first language and many more.

Especially, the current climate regarding the coronavirus pandemic made everyone feel more and more isolated with lockdowns, losing loved ones, not feeling safe, and not feeling supported by society. Wanting to connect and communicate is a very humane trait, and we believe nobody who desires to feel connected should feel lonely.

Having said that, Dialogue Society, in partnership with Time to Help UK, has started a befriending campaign to connect and bring people together to tackle loneliness. With our project, “Talking Bubble”, we create a phone-befriending service that matches people most at risk of loneliness with bilingual volunteers to get in touch with one another, get to know, check in on each other, and most importantly create friendships that will make life better.


We would like to extend a very special thank you to all our supporters. It would be impossible to do the work we are doing without your support – we are ever grateful!


We aim to provide over-the-phone befriending service to individuals who need social support. As well as emailing us at info@talkingbubble.org and calling us on +44 ‭7878 666 889‬, you can contact us via the contact form.