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Time to Help UK and the Dialogue Society are launching a new project called “Talking Bubble” to bring together dialogue volunteers with individuals who need befriending support. The project, which will take place throughout the country, aims to provide over-the-phone befriending service for at least one hour a week to individuals who need social support.

A certain level of English (minimum B2 level) is required for the project to run efficiently. However, we encourage you to volunteer in other languages you know as there are ethnic groups whose first language is not English within the scope of the project.


Being offered the opportunity to join the Dialogue Society as an intern has been one of the most exciting things in my first year of university. As a Psychology student at UCL, I have always been exploring opportunities to get involved in mental well-being projects that deliver quality psychological services to the needy. By coincidence, I came across Dialogue Society and learnt about their Talking Bubble Project, a telephone befriending programme that supports lonely individuals. As a result, this serendipity has marked the beginning of a 6-month rewarding journey.

Working as an assistant coordinator for the Talking Bubble Project strengthened my organisational skills and administrative skills. My communication and collaboration skills have also been enhanced with a hardworking and encouraging team. In fact, the positive and supportive working atmosphere is one of the major reasons why I immensely enjoyed my time as an intern – everyone has been amiable and is willing to assist whenever I reach out for help.

Although my internship will soon be completed, I feel strongly connected to the Dialogue Society and the Talking Bubble Project. If there is an opportunity to get involved in their projects in the future, I would definitely love to come back again!

So Ching (Martin)

MSci Psychology – UCL, 2022

If I had to summarise my experience working here in one word, it would be fulfilling. Being at the forefront of the interactions between the people who need our support and the charity work behind the scenes was so eye-opening to the amount of work put in to provide a great service.

I would highly encourage people to volunteer and be part of this project – it literally changes people’s lives and the feeling you get from the gratitude offered to you is unmatched.

Gemma Falade

LSE, Talking Bubble Intern, 2022

During summer 2021, I have travelled to the UK from Italy to work at the Dialogue Society as an intern for three months. As a bachelor’s graduate in Foreign Languages and Cultures, I was given the chance to work as a part of the Talking Bubble project, a phone befriending service for the in-need which has more than a hundred volunteers and a hundred beneficiaries. Working on this project filled me with joy, helping others and also managing such large project.

During my internship experience I didn’t only have the possibility to practice my knowledge in this field, but also widen my capabilities. Besides supporting me in fulfilling my daily duties, Dialogue Society helped me also to improve in interdisciplinary areas by challenging my skills. Every member I worked together in the office with, inspired me by their passion and ambitions in reaching not only academic goals but also to contribute to the wellbeing of society by developing different projects. To be a part of this exciting and dynamic group helped me to improve my academic performance, as well as to adopt an altruistic attitude. Thank you for this unique experience dear Dialogue Society members and wish you all the best for the future! I hope everyone who aspires to do good in this world can get the opportunity to work, volunteer, or intern at the Dialogue Society one day!

Sena Eksi

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